About Liberation Photography

liberation photography is the website of animal rights photographer noah hannibal, featuring his photographs of animal cruelty investigations, open rescues, protests and other events relating to animal rights.

noah has been active in the animal rights movement for his entire life, and much of that time has been spent holding a camera. his photos of animal rights protests and rescues are regularly moved on newswires such as reuters, associated press and agence france-presse, and see ink in mainstream newspapers and magazines around the world.

noah hannibal photographing for the sea shepherd in antarctica early days arrested at george bush's presidential inauguration pretending to be an independent journalist (i was on their list of people to arrest)

he has campaigned at sea to document the protection of whales from slaughter in antarctic waters and taken part in rescues and investigations on several continents - raising awareness about the lives of misery endured by billions of animals abused in the production of meat, eggs and dairy. many of his photos have been instrumental in shutting down places of animal abuse, including australia's largest puppy factory farm and a vietnamese zoo.

no stranger to trouble, he has seen the inside of a few jail cells, copped multiple shoves and punches (just don't hurt the camera!), and on more than one occasion looked through his lens to see a gun aimed at his head or a stun grenade hurtling towards him.

hi-res versions of all liberation photography gallery images are available to animal rights organisations and media. Please contact info@liberationphotography.org for further information.