Liberation Photography Galleries

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Whale Odyssey

A Sea Shepherd crew of 33 volunteers travel to the bottom of the world to confront the Japanese whaling fleet in Antarctic waters. As a result of the campaign almost 500 whales were saved from a cruel death by harpoon. MORE

Whale Odyssey - Photographs from the 2008 Sea Shepherd Antarctic campaign to stop the Japanese whale slaughter

The Chicken Meat Industry

"The broiler babies grow so unnaturally large that when they are slaughtered at 45 days old not a single one of them can walk properly. Some have collapsed under their artificially enhanced weight. Unable to reach food and water, they die of starvation and dehydration. Those that make it to the slaughterhouse are killed when they are the equivalent age of a two year old human baby, one that weighs 160kgs (350 pounds)." MORE

The Chicken Meat Industry

Puppy Mill Misery

A look inside puppy farms (also known as puppy mills) where hundreds of dogs are kept as breeding machines to supply the pet shop industry. At one of these properties 44 gallon drums are used as kennels for many of the dogs (some stamped with the word ‘poison’), while others live in tiny caged enclosures on concrete floors. This is the hidden cruelty behind 'that puppy in the window'. MORE

Puppy Farm Cruelty - The truth behind that 'puppy in the window' the pet industry wants to hide

Tears of an Elephant - Suffering at the Zoo

From monkeys being left without water for hours in the hot sun, to elephants being stabbed by their keepers, zoos are not happy places for animals. MORE

Suffering at the Zoo